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Atrium Room List and Description

CB201 Recording Studio Live Room/Rehearsal room 1
CB201b Audient 4816 5.1 Control Room for CB201
CB202 Audient Studio Control Room for CB201
CB203 Recording Studio Live Room/Rehearsal room 2
CB204 Audient Studio Control room for CB203
CB207 Large Practice/Band Rehearsal Room 1
CB210 Large Practice/Band Rehearsal Room 2
CB301 Recording Studio Live Room
CB301b Control 24 5.1 Control Room for CB301
CB302 SSL Duality Control room for CB301
CB303 Large Studio Live Room 3
CB304 Gus Dudgeon Suite Control Room for CB303
CB307 Post Graduate Radio Studio
CB211 Equipment Pickup/Drop-off Room – Music
CB313b Small Radio Broadcast Studio
CB313a Large Radio Broadcast Studio
CB401 Post Graduate 5.1 Recording Control Room Icon D-Command
CB401b Foley Room/Live Room
CB402 SSL AWS 948 5.1 Control Room for CB401b
CB404 5.1 Control Room Yamaha Desk
CB405 Band/Large Rehearsal Room 3 (with acoustic drum kit)
CB406 Individual Instrument Tuition/Rehearsal Room (open soon)
CB408 Individual Instrument Tuition/Rehearsal Room
CB409 Band/Large Rehearsal Space 4 (with acoustic drum kit)

Guide to Checking Studio Timetables Online

Please note, there is a studio booking limit of 18 hours per student per week. This has been upgraded from 16 hours per student per week last year.

The Limit for rehearsal and radio rooms is 2 hours per booking.

Go to web address /sws/1718/location.asp

  • Click “search by room”
  • In the top dropdown box, change the filter to “atrium”

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.41.23


  • In the 2nd box, select the room who’s timetable you wish to check (refer to attached room list)
  • Click the required room number to highlight in blue
  • To check multiple rooms (e.g. control room and live room) hold CTRL and click additional room(s)
  • In 3rd box, scroll down until you see the w/c date for the week you wish to check (e.g, to check Wednesday 12th October, highlight option for “w/c Monday 10th October”)
  • To see availability of weekends, change the option in drop down box 4 to “Monday to Sunday”
  • Leave the final drop down box at the default option “All Day 08:00 – 21:00”
  • Click the tick box next to “grid style” to see a graphical representation of the timetable

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.42.42.png

  • Check for empty spaces matching your needs
  • If two rooms (e.g. control and live room) please ensure the times and days match in both rooms
  • Make a note of required day, date, time and room number(s) and either call into office CB216a email booking to